The Medicinal Plants of the Woodlands in northern Malawi (Karonga District)

  • Tina Vanadis Bundschuh
  • Karen Hahn
  • Rüdiger Wittig
Keywords ethnobotany, miombo woodland, sustainability, traditional medicine


In rural Africa, the use of wild plants for medicinal purposes is widespread. Many publications provide regional checklists of medicinal plants, but only a few of these checklists cover Malawi. In the Karongo district, northern Malawi, 30 traditional healers and birth attendants were interviewed regarding their use of woody medicinal plants. This survey reveals that 71 of the 102 woody species that are found in this area are used for a variety of treatments. These medicinal plants are most commonly applied in obstetrics. The favoured wild plants are frequently found in the area; however, three species are perceived as decreasing in abundance.

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T. V. Bundschuh, K. Hahn, and R. Wittig, “The Medicinal Plants of the Woodlands in northern Malawi (Karonga District)”, FVSS, vol. 14, pp. 3-8, Dec. 2016.