Uses and Management Strategies of the Multipurpose Tree Anogeissus leiocarpa in Eastern Burkina Faso

  • Katharina Schumann
  • Rüdiger Wittig
  • Adjima Thiombiano
  • Ute Becker
  • Karen Hahn
Keywords ethnobotany, Gulimanceba, traditional knowledge, sustainable use


Many people in the semi-arid tropics strongly depend on non-timber forest products (NTFPs) for livelihood. Increasing threats on NTFP-providing tree species, due to land-use intensification and over-harvesting, require ecological studies as well as additional information provided by local people. One important NTFP-providing tree in West Africa is Anogeissus leiocarpa. Even though this species is highly used, ethnobotanical studies on A. leiocarpa are scarce and address mainly qualitative aspects. Our study investigates uses, perceptions of the population development, and management strategies of A. leiocarpa among the Gulimanceba people in eastern Burkina Faso. We conducted a quantitative ethnobotanical survey and investigated distribution of traditional ecological knowledge related to the species on a local scale, i.e. difference in knowledge between villages, genders, and generations. Interviews reveal that A. leiocarpa is harvested by local people for 18 different uses and emphasize its high importance for local people. Ethnobotanical knowledge of A. leiocarpa was mostly evenly spread between genders and generations, while it slightly differed between villages. Although local people did not actively protect A. leiocarpa, current local harvesting modes and management resulted in sustainable use. However, ongoing land-use intensifications require adapted management strategies to guarantee the persistence of this important species. Our results provide, in combination with ecological results of our previous study, appropriate management recommendations. Our study emphasizes the importance of ethnobotanical studies on a local scale level in order to develop management strategies that are reliable in the specific area under the specific circumstances.

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K. Schumann, R. Wittig, A. Thiombiano, U. Becker, and K. Hahn, “Uses and Management Strategies of the Multipurpose Tree Anogeissus leiocarpa in Eastern Burkina Faso”, FVSS, vol. 14, pp. 9-18, Dec. 2011.