A university campus in peri-urban Accra (Ghana) as a haven for dry-forest species

  • Dietmar Simmering
  • Solomon Addai
  • Gunther Geller
  • Annette Otte
Keywords dry-forest vegetation, green campus, land use change, species diversity, sustainable development


Valley View University (VVU) is a private university located within the dry forest zone of the Accra plains; an area strongly affected by urban sprawl. The campus covers approx. 105 ha. Considerable portions of it are yet undeveloped and covered with savannah thickets. In 2002, the university has committed itself to become Africa's first "ecological university". In the context of two projects, substantial improvements have been made in terms of sanitation, water supply, energy-saving buildings and organic agriculture. The further development of the campus was designed in a detailed "ecological masterplan". In this context, we carried out a floristic inventory of the savannah thickets and found more than 100 plant species; the majority of which represent the species pool of the unique mixture of dry forest and savannah thicket species, which is typical for the region. As the remainder of dry forests and savannah thickets in the Accra plains become increasingly threatened by urban sprawl and overgrazing, the VVU administration has agreed to preserve the species-rich thickets. This is a valuable contribution to a more sustainable development of the region.

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D. Simmering, S. Addai, G. Geller, and A. Otte, “A university campus in peri-urban Accra (Ghana) as a haven for dry-forest species”, FVSS, vol. 16, pp. 10-21, Dec. 2013.